Fathers Day: DIY Handprint T-Shirt Tutorial

DIY Fathers day tshirt tutorial handprint

Are you looking for a quick and easy handmade gift to make for Father’s Day? This child’s hand print t-shirt ticks that box! It’s simple to do and your child can help as much or as little as possible, depending on age!

DIY Fathers day tshirt tutorial handprintMaterials

  • A t-shirt
  • Fabric paint
  • Sponge
  • Pencil and paper
  • Cardboard or acetate
  • Scissors or craft knife and cutting mat
  • Sticker e.g. heart, start (optional)
  • Extra cardboard or an old magazine


  • The first time I did this project I used cardboard as a stencil. The second time I used acetate for cleaner finish and also to be able to reuse the stencil
  • If you are using a new t-shirt, you will need to wash it first to remove the starch. Its also best to iron the area you are going to stencil
  • Fabric paint instructions may vary- please check the label


  1. Trace around your child’s hand using a pencil and cardboard or paper. If using acetate, transfer design using a biro or permanent marker
  2. Cut out the hand print to create a stencil
  3. Check your t-shirt is washed and ironed
  4. Place some cardboard or an old magazine inside the t-shirt under the area you are going to stencil
  5. Put your stencil in place. You may want to hold it in place with some tape. Put your heart sticker in place (Tip: A sticker works better than a paper shape.The first time I did this, I used a heart shape cut by a punch. When I removed it, some of the paint had leaked into the shape and some of the paper fibres stuck to the t-shirt)DIY Fathers day tshirt tutorial handprint stencil
  6. Put fabric paint onto an old saucer or tip and dab onto fabric using a sponge
  7. Remove stencil, but wait for paint to dry more fully before removing sticker. Allow paint to dry for 24 hours in total
  8. Iron hand print on reverse
  9. You may want to wash your t-shirt again. Check the washing instructions on the fabric paint and t-shirt
  10. Create a care label for the new owner!

WP_20150616_006-001 DIY Fathers day tshirt tutorial handprint

This project was inspired by this project– I wasn’t brave enough to use bleach! Of course, you don’t have to limit this t-shirt to Father’s Day! I made a batch of them- they make great gifts for grandparents or any special person in your child’s life!

Did I mention this is my first ever tutorial? If I missed anything out, or if you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you!


7QT: Travels, Studying and Toddler Life

7QT Talking about Family Travels Studying and toddler life talking about familyAnother week has flown by.  I’m linking up with Kelly at This Aint the Lyceum for 7 quick takes of the week. These are my quickest ever takes. Hold tight. Here we go!

  1. Flying- Last weekend I flew with a new airline at my local airport called FlyVLM. What a wonderful surprise I had on board- the plane took off and landed early, it was a great flight and we had complementary drinks, sandwiches and chocolate! Ooh, and the views. Check out the view of County Wexford, Ireland, above. Beautiful, huh?!
  2. Maryvale– Did I mention I am doing a MA in Marriage and Family? Well, the purpose of my trip was a study weekend in Maryvale Institute, a Catholic distance learning college. I had a blessed and joyful weekend with the students, staff and Bridgetine sisters.
  3. they say i say talking about familyThey Say, I Say– I am not academically minded by a long shot. I love reading but when it comes to essay writing, I struggle. My tutor suggested this little pocket book which has really helped me get my head around academic writing. I totally recommend it!
  4. Naptimes– Back to real life, baby Teresa is figuring a new nap schedule. Two days this week, she had a monster two hour nap. Just when I was thinking “I could get used to this”, she napped for 30 minutes. The whole day. One half an hour nap!
  5. Sweetcorn fritters– My new favourite food, and Teresa’s too! We’re addicted! I tried these for the first time a couple of weeks ago but have made a double batch of them. They are so yummy, for toddlers and adults alike! They freeze well and you can cook them from frozen in 8 minutes.
  6. Running– still running, post couch 2 5k! Mixing up my runs, doing some 30 minute runs, some 5k+ runs and chopping and changing my routes.
  7. Card making– Ah! Gone are the day-long card making sessions, experimenting with design ideas and making a host cards for different people and occasions. When I have the opportunity, or the necessity, to make cards, I come to the craft table knowing exactly what I am going to make and make ten of the same, simple design. Keep it simple, do it well!

Thank you for hosting, Kelly! Why not head on over to check out more quick takes!

7QTs: The Easter Edition

7QTs The Easter Edition Talking about family1. Good Friday

I mentioned last week how much I had been looking forward to attending the Easter ceremonies, but was realising that plans would change with a baby! We were fortunate enough to be able to attend the Stations of the Cross at the Cathedral. It was beautifully done, with a small choir singing meditative Taizé chants every few stations. I spent quite a few Easters in Taizé, an ecumenical community of brothers  in a village in France known for its beautiful simple songs, so this struck a chord with me and was really special.

Easter Vigil Black Abby Kilkenny Talking About Family2. Easter Vigil

The Easter Vigil is my favourite Mass of the liturgical year. The gathering outside by the Paschal fire, the processing into church, lighting our candles from the one flame, the Exultet, the Old Testament readings, the Gloria, the bells, the Risen Christ! What a joyous celebration! He is risen! Alleluia!

Easter Cake Talking About Family Coffee cake3. Easter Sunday (and cake!)

We spent Easter Sunday en famille with my parents. As well as Easter eggs, and an Easter lamb for Baby T, we had Easter cake! This cake deserves a 7QTs mention because its actually the first cake I have ever baked! It was a dry run for baby’s first birthday later this month, but it turned out well. Everyone seemed quite surprised by how nice it tasted. I credit Delia Smith and her idiot-proof recipe! Thanks, Delia! (As an aside, did you know that as well as being a legendary English cook, she is a major shareholder at Norwich F.C., is Catholic, and has written Advent and Lenten reflection books? What a woman!)

st bridgid cross handmade hoop art4. Baptism gift

This week I have been working on an embroidered St Brigid’s cross. It’s a baptism gift for a little girl.

5. Sowing seeds

I have black fingers. Despite this, every year, I get excited about growing vegetables. Every year, I give it a go. This year, I’ve kicked off the seed-sowing season with some rocket salad and spring onions in containers, and beetroot on the window ledge. No point putting a photo here. Nothing to see! Watch this space!

6. Date Night

Usually the weather in Ireland is pretty cloudy, grey, windy, wet and cold in this part of the world. However, this last week has seen temperatures rise to a sweltering 18 degrees Celsius! Phew! We celebrated with an impromptu date night; I picked my husband up from work and we drove to Ireland’s answer to Miami Beach- Tramore! Seriously though, it was nice to do something different after work, to enjoy the weather, go for a walk, have a meal. After becoming new parents, date night went out the window. Now our little one is nearly a year old, and we are beginning to get the hang of this parenting thing, we have no excuse! Date night is back on the calender! Yey!

7. Book Shopping

liquid love meg meeker md fatal misconception

A couple of books for my course and one for me! I am really excited about all of them. Liquid Love is about human relationships, how traditional bonds are changing and the liquidity with which these new bonds can be tied and untied. Fatal Misconception is a very interesting read about the struggle to control the world’s population. And, for some light reading, I bought The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers. I often hear Dr Meg Meeker on Ave Maria Radio. She is a Catholic wife, mother and pediatrician, so I am really looking forward to reading one of her books.

How was your Easter?

Thanks to Kelly for hosting 7QTs! For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain’t the Lyceum!