Talking about family about page LisetteHi there,

My name is Lisette and I am a wife and new mum living in the sunny south east of Ireland.

I’ve always been a Catholic, but had a ‘reversion’ after some time away from the Church in my twenties. Since then, I have been learning about the Catholic faith through books, podcasts, Catholic radio and courses. I am currently doing a course in Marriage and Family through the wonderful Maryvale Institute.

The last few years have been a big learning curve, especially in terms of faith, family and my studies. This blog is about sharing ideas, from my academic studies, and my real life studies!

If you’d like to know more about me, here are 6 random facts:

  1. I’m a craftster
  2. I’m doing a couch to 5k
  3. I stick my tongue out when I am concentrating
  4. I don’t have much time to watch movies, but when I do, I usually fall asleep
  5. I’m trying to learn Irish- its really hard!
  6. I’ve only ever broken one bone- I broke a bone in my toe, by getting over-excited during a Formula One race

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