Choosing a Patron Saint for 2016

One of the many things I love about the Catholic Church is the Communion of Saints. Sometimes,  I see life as a big soccer game, perhaps a World Cup final, with the Saints jumping out of their seats in the stadium, cheering on us mere mortals on the pitch. The saints are our role models, our examples of holiness, our intercessors before God. We ask them to pray for us, as one would ask a friend to pray for them, rather than praying to them (a common misconception).

communion of saints

There are so many amazing canonised saints (and many more uncanonised ones that we don’t know about). I have a few favourites -hi St. Therese, St Bernadette and St Elizabeth of Hungary! Last year, I decided to move out of my comfort zone and get to know a new saint. I had the idea to ‘adopt’ a patron saint for 2015. It is a great way to learn about the saint, and let the saint teach you a thing or two also, through learning about their own life, their spirituality and prayer.

How to Choose your Patron Saint

Pray about it. Listen. Is there a saint calling you? Is there a saint you’ve always been curious about and wanted to know more about? You could choose the patron saint linked to your occupation, location, hobby, or something you are struggling with physically, mentally or spiritually. There is a patron saint for nearly everything!

Alternatively, if you like surprises, check out Jennifer Fulweiler’s Saint Name Generator!

Your Year with your Patron Saint

Here are a few ideas of what

  1. Pray for your patron saint’s intercession daily. Saint Anthony – pray for us!
  2. Does your saint have a special prayer? Pray that daily too! Get a prayer card or print one off and put it somewhere you will see it
  3. Find out when your saint’s feast day is mark it on your calendar- plan to do something special that day, like go to Mass!
  4. Pray your patron saint’s novena
  5. Read up on your patron saint
  6. If possible, make a pilgrimage- it doesn’t have to be a big one! Maybe a local shrine, or even a church
  7. Put a statue or picture of your patron saint up in your home- you don’t have to go out and buy one, again you could just print one off the internet and put it in a nice frame

Have you ever adopted a patron saint for the year? Who did you, or would you like to adopt? What did you  you do during the year? I would love to hear from you!


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